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Post  Unit 70 on Tue Sep 18, 2012 10:22 pm

======= General =======
Adjustment to the degree that Head / Arms / Legs affect reload time.

======= HEAD =======
[Individual adjustment]
HD-10 TRISTAN -Decreased Energy Drain
[Individual adjustment]
ACHILLEUS HD225 -Increased Camera performance
BEOWULF HD103 -Decreased Scan performance.
[Individual adjustment]

======= CORE =======
[Individual adjustment;
UCR-10 / A - Decreased Energy Transference. - Decreased Recon Ammo.
■ CE-RESIST TYPE - AP Increased - KE Defense Increased
[Individual adjustment]
ARES CR211 KT-303/YINGLONG - Increased Recon ammo - Decreased Weight
■ TE-RESIST TYPE - AP Increased - KE Defense Increased
[Individual adjustment]
KT-103 UCR-25 / A DURGA -Decreased Weight

======= ARMS =======
-Adjusted total width of firing stability.
■ CE-RESIST TYPE -Decreased AP ■

======= LEGS =======
■ 2 LEGS-L
[Individual adjustment]
ULG-10 / L ULG-20 / L - Increased Attitude Control
ULG-09 SNOWDON - Increased AP
ULG-09 / L - Increased Jump Performance.

■ 2 LEGS-M • Increased Defense of Ready State.
[Individual adjustment]
ULG-09 / A -Decreased Energy Drain -Increased Jump Performance.
VENTOUX LG 105 -Increased KE Defense -Increased CE Defense -Increased TE Defense
ULG-21 -Decreased KE Defense -Decreased CE Defense -Decreased TE Defense
JORASSES LG 104 -Increased KE defense -Increased Attitude Control.

■ 2 LEGS-H • Increased Defense of Ready State.
[Individual adjustment]
KT-4N2 -Decreased Energy Drain -Increased Attitude Control
ULG-05 / A ULG-06 ULG-05TOLIMA -Increased Movement Control
KT-3N2/BARGUZIN -Increased KE defense KT-3N4 -Increased KE defense -Increased CE defense
KT-4N3/JIUHUA -Increased KE defense -Increased CE defense

[Individual adjustment;
ULG-31 HUILA -Increased KE Defense -Increased CE Defense -Increased TE Defense -Decreased Energy Drain

■ REVERSE JOINT-H • Reduction in a decrease in performance due to gross shipping weight move (This is too garbled for me to make an accurate correction, but i think it's "Reduced decrease in performance due to total load".)
[Individual adjustment]
KT-2N2/WUTAI KT-2N3/PUTUO -Decreased movement control
MORENA LG15 -Increased KE defense.
EIFEL LG210-2 -Increased TE defense -Increased Movement control

■ 4 LEGS
[Individual adjustment]
GRAPPA LG665 - Increased movement control
KT-4N -Decreased KE defense
ZONCOLAN LG663 VISO LG664-2 ORITIGARA LG664 -Increased KE defense -Increased Movement Control

======= BOOSTER =======
■ HIGH ACCEL TYPE - Decreased Maximum Acceleration Time - Increased High Boost Output - Increased Boost Combustion Efficiency

======= ARM UNIT =======
■ HAND GUN Adjustment of impact force
[Individual adjustment;
OXEYE HG25 • Decreased Ammo

■ SHOTGUN Adjustment of impact force
■ GUTLING GUN • Adjusting reload time
[Individual adjustment]
LAMPOURDE RF23 - Decrease in Velocity. - Adjustment of KE attack
KO-2K2/SHERSHEN • Increased Velocity.

[Individual adjustment;
USR-12 LAUREL KO-5K2 • Increased Velocity
AKAZIEN SR15 -Decreased Reload time -Increased Velocity

■ HEAT HOWITZER -Increased Velocity.

[Individual adjustment]
UBR-05 Decreased Lock-on Time.

[Individual adjustment]
KO-3T3 GARANCE PG11 KO-3T5/MAHAON BLUET PG12 -Decreased Energy Usage

[Individual adjustment]
UEM-34 / R -Decreased Energy Usage
UEM-34 MOIDESTO ARACHIDE EG13 -Decreased Ammo UEM-45 / E DAVIS -Decreased Weight -Decreased Energy Usage

■ PLASMA GUN · Increased Ammo

[Individual adjustment]
LR-81 KARASAWA Faster Charge time except for above. (Should just say all laser rifles except Karasawa have faster charge)

■ LASER BLADE -Decreased Energy Usage

[Individual adjustment;
PASTEQUE AC106 KO-8K2 • Decreased Energy Drain

[Individual adjustment]
MACNOLIE CN23 KO-9K/ZHUK -Decreased Lock Time -Decreased Velocity

[Individual adjustment]
GERBERA SG113 -Increased Optimal Range -Increased Velocity

[Individual adjustment;

■ HEAT CANNON • Adjusting reload time

■ PULSE CANNON • Adjusting velocity

[Individual adjustment]
UST-31 PHOENIX -Decreased Sight Range -Increased the Sentry's Reload time -Decreased Explosion Impact.

======= SHOULDER UNIT =======

■ BOMB DISPENSER · Increased Impact

======= OVERED WEAPON =======
[Individual adjustment; GRIND BLADE • Decreased Charge Time MULTIPLE PULSE • Increased Charge Time

[Items to be expanded and improved function by this update; · To improve the matching, some changes to the specification - such as the strength level to determine the territory ※ implemented, the unit team and the button "search session" defense make a sortie in PvP without specifying the area in the invasion, The sequential search from the other team Chikashii.
※ It may take some time to reflect the latest information from the server.
※ You may not matching immediately after the search for this purpose. Please search from a short interval. - It may take some time to reflect the latest information from the server network environment, etc.
※ implement the ability to display icons, the approximate number of different sessions in the area of ​​defense. Add Team menu features - the search criteria team, adding "activities" that indicates the active team
- Extensions - the amount of comment text data extend the capabilities of the team news at the top of the screen display
• Expand functionality of the mercenary system - the employer
※ implementation, fighting at the time of registration mercenary, you want to transfer to the other teams "button you would like transfer team" - add "base of operations" in the search criteria and profile at the time of registration mercenary You can check the screen after contract completion.
- The contract completion screen after the battle, adding 10 different variations of the message to be sent to the addressed routine mercenary
- When hiring mercenaries, add (list parts used) display function of mercenary aircraft configuration details You can force the AC to join the enemy that appeared in stories and order mission, to sortie - to implement a "mercenary system COM" new features.
※ to target the enemy was defeated AC, a list of characters that can be employment will be created.
※ COM mercenary will be able to body up to a maximum of three at the same time employment
. ※ list of mercenary COM is updated every certain period of time. (Set to be updated 24 hours) Mercenary-COM is similar to normal mercenary system in principle, there are some limitations. • If the decisive battle at the mission (invasion), using the mercenaries COM, and NPC troops are not matching.
• The extra mission at, to use the COM can not be mercenary.
• The multiple characters to join in the same COM mercenary troops can not be one. -COM and mercenary and make a sortie,
★ mark is displayed to the player in combat tab. ·
★, which shows the players who have to bear the control processing of mercenary COM. ·
★, shows the mercenary player COM to follow.
※ By using the spot function, you can tell on a priority basis to attack that target.
※ The launch attacks in the logic of their own mercenary COM will follow the player, if you capture the enemy.
※ COM mercenary costs such as repair costs and ammunition costs will not occur.
※ The mercenary COM are not also distributed mission rewards. (They are distributed only player)
- Fixed the phenomenon was not secondary lock with a laser rifle and not a full charge
• Fixed speed rise of the phenomenon of the sub-scan your computer is not functioning
• If you use an over-ground weapon in the state was shocked by the aircraft, modification of the phenomenon can no longer attack is usually Modification of the phenomenon of off-EN function scan mode does not function properly
- Fixed reload time behavior of DLC Repaint parts "KO-2H6/STREKOZA" number is usually the same in different parts and
- Fixed slow reload time of the phenomenon to be inversely proportional to head stability
· AC to defeat the enemy aircraft and defense facility that sortie, when the rules of the obstructive tactics of battle, and victory conditions modified to exceed the amount of damages that
- Fixed so that it starts from 01 the number of the target helicopter and post data will be displayed during briefing
• Reduce the effect of pulse explosion effect machine gun
· Improve the visibility of detailed data that is displayed when the scan mode (Only version 360 Xbox) fix the center of the phenomenon is not displayed in view of the sniper scope Cannon
• Fixed to 0 the weight of the RECON
• When you update the information from each ACV-LINK, for retrieving data from server
※adjustment, you may transition menu in the game is needed to reflect in the game immediately.
· Enhanced the setting of monitoring conditions of the result of the termination process against fraud. In order to hold the results of healthy play, within a certain period of time, about the end result of fraud against, such as deliberate cutting of the line network, we strengthen the processing conditions impose a penalty.

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