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A Map to the Stats Empty A Map to the Stats

Post  Unit 42 on Sun Aug 12, 2012 6:30 pm

Hey guys,

I just had an idea for a thread so I wanted to post now before I forget. I was thinking we should write up a list of stats for the different parts and what exactly they do in terms of the AC/gun's performance. A lot of times the explanation by using the SELECT button is confusing and inaccurate and I honestly do not know what all of them do! This may be a little bit of work, but I'm sure it will help everyone out.

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A Map to the Stats Empty Hmm

Post  Itachi Unit 99 on Sun Aug 12, 2012 7:44 pm

Thats Not A Bad Idea. It Could Help The Team Heavily
Itachi Unit 99
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A Map to the Stats Empty A Map to the Stats Part 1: Overall Stats

Post  Unit 42 on Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:21 am

I think I'll start things off. So I will try to go over the list of big stats on the right of the screen. Please give me any corrections you have.

General Stats: These are the stats on the right side. They are usually determined by the stats of more than one part.

Total Weight: The total sum of all of the weight of the parts of your AC. This does have some effect on mobility.
Stability: From what I understand this stat is very important. It is the sum of stability stats of certain frame parts and is part of what determines your rate of fire. It also may reduce the time you are stunned and sitting after a hard landing.
Recoil Resistance: I don't really know how this differs from stability. Maybe it means how well your AC can function while taking fire instead of how long it's down? I don't know.
Turning Performance: How fast your AC turns, very useful if you are up close and personal.
Energy Recovery: This is how fast your AC recovers energy. This is determined by EN Output-EN Consumption
Repair Cost: This is the cost of repairing your AC should it get destroyed. The higher the cost, the more you have to pay for minor damages as well.
AP: The amount of health your AC, a sum of the AP of all of the frame parts. Obviously, quite important.
Total Load: the total weight of your AC excluding the legs. Make sure this isn't greater than the loading capacity.
Loading Capacity: the maximum amount of weight you can have on your legs before becoming overweight and moving very slowly.
Total EN Consumption: the sum of the EN consumption of all of the parts of the AC
Energy Output: the output of the generator. Together with EN Consumption this determines your speed of energy recovery.

Top Right Corner Stats: I think these are self explanatory, but just in case.

Boost: the speed of your AC while boosting, this is determined by a vast number of stats and is obviously very important.
High Boost: see above but for high boosting
KE Defense: is the sum of your AC's defenses for KE and determines at what level hits start becoming effective.
CE Defense: see above but for CE
TE Defense: see above but for TE

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A Map to the Stats Empty A Map To The Stats Part 2: The Frame

Post  Unit 42 on Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:48 pm

So here is my idea of what all of the stats on the frame parts mean. If I have anything wrong or I missed something just let me know.

General: There are a few stats all frame parts have

Weight: How heavy a part is, heavier parts make your AC slower
Energy Consumption: how much the part takes away from the output of your generator
AP: how much armor the part has. The sum of the AP of the frame parts is the total health of the unit
KE Defense: how defensive the part is to kinetic weaponry, determines when hits are effective or ineffective
CE Defense: see above but for chemical weaponry
TE Defense: see above but for thermal weaponry

Head: the head has a few unique stats that are very important to your AC's performance

Stability Computation: This is one of the stability stats on the AC. The sum of all of the stability stats add up to the AC's stability (see part 1). This is one of the bigger additions to stability.
Camera Performance: The ability of your AC to detect enemies and lock on. Very important for slow-locking guns or FCS's
Scanning Performance: The speed at which your AC can scan enemies
Anti-Jam Performance: The ability of your AC to resist jammers. This is very rarely important, but when it is, it is vital

Core: the Core has a few unique stats as well

Thermal Resistance: the amount of time for which your can have a UW activated
Energy Conductivity: Is one of the stats that determines how fast a UW will charge and supposedly has an effect on boosters (I cant tell the difference)
Max Recon Units: the amount of recon units your AC starts with

Arms: the arm stats aren't that useful, but they are somewhat important

Firing Stability: adds to the AC's stability (this is the stat that matters least)
Shoulder Unit Storage: how many shoulder units your AC has, very useful to make sure you have at least one

Legs: The legs have unique stats, a few are shared by all legs and each leg type has a few to call its own

Loading Capacity: how much weight your AC can hold, if this weight is exceeded, the AC's mobility is greatly reduced
Movement Control: is a key along with a few other stats to determine how fast you go
Attitude Control: this is the leg's stability stat, very important
Turning Performance: how fast your AC turns
Jumping Ability(tanks have Ascent Performance instead of this): this is one of the stats that determines how high you can go with a jump/ascent boost

Biped: Deflection Enhancement: determines how well your AC deflects attacks when using a cannon

Reverse Joint: Jump Enhancement: adds to the AC's ability to jump, helps these AC's become like grasshoppers

Quad: Recoil Buffering: enhances the rate of fire of cannons

Tank: The tank has a number of unique stats mainly due to the fact that it has a built-in booster

Stationary Turning Rate: the increase in speed of the turning rate of a tank when it is stationary
Booster Output: the tank's booster's power and high boost power, greatly effects speed
Booster Ignition Efficiency: the efficiency of the booster, the higher, the longer the tank can boost
High Boost Acceleration Time: the time the high booster is in operation, greatly effects distance traveled per boost

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A Map to the Stats Empty A Map to the Stats Part 3: The Innards

Post  Unit 42 on Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:23 pm

This section will be about the innards of the AC (the FCS, Generator, Booster, and Recon). As you probably know by now, all of these parts have EN Consumption and weight, except for the generator which doesn't have any consumption. Note that the EN consumption of Boosters and FCS are very high and greatly effect your AC's recovery. I had trouble with some things on the booster, if you guys know more than I do just holler.

The FCS: the thing that helps you shoot

Lock-On Size: The size of your lock-on circle. The bigger, the less precise you need to be in facing your target. Lock-On Range: The range of your FCS. You can not detect enemies with your guns if they are farther than this range.
Lock Computation: The speed at which your gun locks on (other factors also important here)
Mssl Lock Computation: The speed at which your missile locks on.
Missile Locks: The maximum number of missile locks you can have at a time. Important if you want to send a barrage at your enemy.
Max Sub-Units: Maximum number of sentry guns you can have placed at one time
Max Jammers: Maximum number of jammers you can have deployed at one time
Lock Jamming Resist: The resistance of your AC to FCS-based jammers

The Generator: The thing that gives you energy!

EN Output: The output of your generator, this directly correlates to your EN recovery
EN Capacity: The amount of energy your AC can store
Critical Power: One of the factors effecting how long a UW takes to charge
Power Jamming Resist: your AC's resistance to energy draining jammers

The Booster: The thing that makes you fly! I need help with a number of stats here so if you guys know what each of the little nit picky stats does just let me know.

Boost Power: The power of your booster, this determines your max speed
Boost Ignition Eff: The efficiency of the booster, in effect, how much energy it uses
High Boost Power: The power of the booster's high boost function, how much speed it can give you
H Boost Ignition Eff: inversely how much energy the high booster uses
H Boost EN Consumption: I don't see how this stat differs from that of above? It is effectively just a more obvious version of it. If any of you know the difference please let me know.
Initial Ignition Eff: ???
Time to Max Accel: the time it takes your booster to "warm up" to max power
High Boost Accel Time: the time High Boost is active, sometimes more important than power
H Boost Initial Power: ???
H Boost Max Chrg Time: ???
Max Power Timing: ???


Simul Communications: the maximum number of recon units you can have active at one time
Recon Range: the maximum range at which your recon can detect enemies
Operation Time: the amount of time the recon unit is operational before it disappears

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A Map to the Stats Empty Re: A Map to the Stats

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