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Build a Better AC! Empty Build a Better AC!

Post  Admin on Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:31 am

Here we can discuss what parts go into our finely tuned machines. Help each other with ideas and tactics for how to use certain AC's and what parts/weapons would go well together.


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Build a Better AC! Empty Just my Opinion, but These are Good Guns

Post  Unit 42 on Fri Aug 10, 2012 3:03 am

I'm just going to be writing up a list of guns. It will be in this format:

Easy enough...

Type: Handgun
Name: Oxeye HG25
Name: UHG-22/A Provo
Comment: The Oxeye has better stunning, but the Provo hits harder.

Type: Shotgun
Name: Zinnia SG54
Name: KO-3K2
Comment: Zinnia is the fastest shotgun with decent damage... need I say more? And KO has by far the most range and power, but is also the slowest.

Type: Gatling Gun
Name: KO-5K4/Zapyatoi
Name: USG-23/H
Name: Distel GT22
Comment: USG has the power but zapyatoi has ridiculous ammo and range with still decent power. I personally prefer USG, but that is just me. Distel somehow works best in PVP. They are great guns for missions against small AI.

Type: Rifle
Name: Calendula RF11
Name: Lampourde RF23
Name: Tansy RF12
Comment: I know you're going to say lampourde is better than calendula. It does have many better stats, but the calendula's stats are just barely less than the lampourde with a very good decay rate and muzzle velocity making it much more effective. Tansy is the big slow reloading one, kinda like the missing link between rifle and sniper rifle.

Speaking of snipers...

Type: Sniper Rilfle
Name: Seidenbaum SR13
Name: USR-12/V
Name: KO-5K3 Zlatko
Comment: Seidenbaum has very good power and one of the fastest reload but lacks slightly on accuracy and muzzle velocity, definitely the best overall. USR is extremely accurate but very slow reloading. Zlatko is the most powerful and is great with one-hit tactics.

Type: H.E.A.T. Howitzer
Name: Jewelwood HH06
Comment: This is in every way (except ammo) the best howitzer.

Type: Battle Rifle
Name: UBR-05/R
Name: LOTUS BR429
Comment: UBR has the speed and Lotus has the accuracy. Strekoza has the power and is the most common gun for bringing tanks to their figurative knees.

Type: Pulse Gun
Name: UPL-09/H Napa
Name: KO-3T5/Mahaon
Comment: These guns are very good as long as you can get right in your enemies face. In my opinion, napa has the best balance, but Mahaon has unbelievable power.

Type: Pulse Machine Gun (PMG)
Name: Arachide EG13
Comment: This PMG is the best mainly due to power. It is hard to get others to hit hard enough to be generally useful in PVP. Note: this gun literally shreds anything that isn't resistant to it.

Type: Plasma Gun
Comment: I don't know enough about these guns to make a claim... I hate their muzzle velocity. tongue

Type: Laser Rifle
Name: ULR-22/R
Name: ULR-09/R
Name: LR-81 Karasawa
Name: LR-81M KRSW
Comment: the ULR is a good general purpose laser rifle. I believe it has the lowest charge time which is why I choose it (since that matters way more than reload speed). KRSW is a pretty high power gun useful for one-hit based tactics. The Karasawa is one of the MOST POWERFUL weapons in the game capable of ruining an AC in one hit. It's only downfalls are a huge charge time, long reload time, and low ammo.

Type: Physical Blade
Name: BD-0 Murakumo
Comment: It's not like I had a choice...

Type: H.E.A.T. Pile Driver
Name: KO-4H2
Name: KO-4H4/Mifeng
Comment: 4H2 has the perfect balance between ammo and power, but Mifeng hits much harder in case you're taking on a really big enemy.

Type: Laser Blade
Name: ULB-13/L Utica
Name: LB-66 Moonlight
Comment: the Utica has fantastic range (tune for accuracy) while the moonlight has ridiculously high power.

That concludes the normal arm weapons. I may do cannons another time.

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